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20th Apr 2023, 15:51
Hi All,

Wasn’t too sure which forum to ask on this one but here goes:

Currently a captain on AT75 but possibly moving to an airline where I’ll be operating as captain on Q400. Has anyone gone down this particular route, therefore, advice and significant differences experienced would be so appreciated before I start this process. .


21st Apr 2023, 07:39
Not an ATR pilot, but have heard that the Q400 feels much more powerful, and has great climb performance.

Ooh and all the best :)

24th Apr 2023, 14:07
The Q400 is a great machine and very nice to operate. It's not as nice to physically fly as say the Dash 8-200 but the performance is fantastic. Cruise TAS around 340 in the tropics and up to 370 in the colder climates. Single engine at low levels you'll have to pull the power back on the operating engine in level flight so you don't exceed VMO.
I have a bit of time on them and loved every minute.

25th Apr 2023, 08:47
I read that the Q400 has a weak yaw damper which requires frequent rudder trimming during power changes... is it true? And how annoying does it get?

I do fly the 737 and 320 on sims, and the manual pitch trim on the 73 does add a bit of workload, especially while changing config.

28th Apr 2023, 13:49
The yaw damper on the Q400 is as good as any of the Dash 8 series but with so much horsepower it is true you have to re-trim the rudder with any power change. The best way to do it as with any aircraft is to use you feet then re-trim it to zero the load but it's not annoying and just become instinctual. It is nice going past most other turbo props looking like they are going backwards.

4th May 2023, 10:18
Many thanks for the replies

4th May 2023, 13:04
Not allowed to make turns during power back, what a shame!

11th May 2023, 06:52
Since Covid, is there still active Q400 sims over Europe?

11th May 2023, 11:00
Not flown the ATR but have flown the Bombardier Dash series, including the Q400.

A capable machine and very powerful.

If the main oleos are not correctly maintained, landings can be hard thumps, so it helps to invent a crosswind and put down one main at a time.

The windshield wipers were clearly an afterthought, and there is nowhere to bug your decision altitude - or wasn't, back in 2005.

But if you have to fly a turboprop it is probably one of the best.

11th May 2023, 11:50
Since Covid, is there still active Q400 sims over Europe?

There is one at LFT in Vienna VIE