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18th Apr 2023, 20:46
Is it necessary to select a bank dangle of 15* on your FCP with an engine out on take off?

19th Apr 2023, 02:43
More info required, like, I dunno, what aircraft type?

19th Apr 2023, 07:41
Since he's talking abt an adjustable bank angle on the MCP, probably a 737NG?

19th Apr 2023, 12:42
As I recall it, that's a certification requirement in Oz. I remember that we had special procedures ex CNS, increased V2 especially, to use 20* AoB off RW 15 to avoid the hills.

19th Apr 2023, 14:27
It's automatic in Airbus.

19th Apr 2023, 14:46
MD11 on the bank angle selector which is normally in AUTO. But can be selected to any other bank angle

19th Apr 2023, 22:25
Is it necessary to select a bank dangle of 15* on your FCP with an engine out on take off?

If your aircraft doesn’t automatically limit the bank angle when engine out - yes.
I would think the aircraft ops manual would advise the bank limit when engine out.

20th Apr 2023, 00:15
The normal AFM information for a turning escape procedure uses 15 degrees bank angle.

There is nothing sacrosanct about that angle.

Sometimes we schedule a lesser bank for the escape to achieve a larger turn radius, say, to suit some terrain on the inside of the turn. In that case we either stick with the climb degradation associated with the turn as scheduled in the AFM or redo the sums to get a lesser penalty.

Sometimes we need a tighter turn which requires a higher bank angle and a similar process can be applied. However, there are practical limits to this as the climb penalty goes up fairly rapidly.

Depending on jurisdiction, one may need to involve the Regulator in such antics.

20th Apr 2023, 15:28
From an aerodynamic point of view, it depends on what is the factor setting V2. If it is limited by stall margin, then 15 degrees is a hard limit and any OEI proceure that requires more also needs to schedule a higher speed, with associated penalty for acceleration distance. This can vary from runway to runway and day to day, so in order to have a consistent policy the norm is to always select 15 degrees except at some specal airports that would normally require specific training.