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30th Aug 2002, 05:18
Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, fighter jets have been called into action or diverted from missions to respond to possible hijackings more than 500 times, a spokesman with the North American Aerospace Defense Command said

Is this true? If so why?

30th Aug 2002, 10:04
Why ???

The same reason the RAF have intercepted anything not complying with ATC or acting suspiciously !

Your tone suggests a conspiracy ! Would you rather the Armed Forces sit idly around doing nothing while any potential threat carries on unchallenged ?

Just because intercepts happen, it doesn't necessarily mean there was a definite threat. Could be a simple comms fail or anything !

30th Aug 2002, 10:26
Don't be silly! I was not infering there is a conspiracy, just that the sheer number of intercepts seems remarkably high.

I must admit to not having seen one of HM's aircraft anywhere near me whilst flying around the UK, so I guess my RT and track keeping must be good then... ;)

30th Aug 2002, 10:42
Keep up the good nav work ! ;)

Yep, the figures are high admittedly. But then again after 9/11 I'm not surprised !

Check this link from the BBC :


1st Sep 2002, 14:59
Not really suprised that being it was their country and home airlines used that the Americans are slightly jumpy at ANY unusual occurrance.

It is very possible that as a pilot you would never know if being intercepted or not anyway. The French play around occasionally with civil stuff down by Abberville, but not a word is said to us!!

2nd Sep 2002, 15:01
Quote from link above.

Pilots "Duff" and "Nasty" recalled they were only minutes away when the second plane hit the towers.

Have all the good nick names gone then ?