View Full Version : Aeroshell 3 or Equivalent

13th Mar 2023, 18:08
We're looking for a drop or two of Aeroshell 3 Turbine Oil. It's for an old stationary Gas Turbine Engine, so it can be drained, expired, opened etc. Not bothered about any paperwork. we're on the Isle of Wight, so the closer you are, the better. Let me know how much you've got

13th Mar 2023, 21:34
The Aeroshell 3 that I used was a light grade general lubricating oil. I don't think it was a Turbine oil.

13th Mar 2023, 23:03
AS3 is a general purpose light oil. It's not a gas turbine oil.
Have you got any original specifications for the engine?

21st May 2023, 09:25
I posted something similar a while backÖ..Iím after a couple of cans of Aeroshell 3 for a project. Can be drained, out of life etc etc. Bournemouth area.