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John Barnes
13th Sep 2001, 10:56
CNN reported the last few hours that two of the highjackers ( massmurderers) were the Bukhari brothers, one of them a pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Is this a correct piece of information, and if so what is a Saudi Pilot doiing in Florida. Doesn't he have to fly a line, or is he like one one of the hundreds of SV hostesses that live in Saudia City and party many nights but never seem to fly!!

13th Sep 2001, 17:50
One of the terrorists was a FE for Saudi.
Apprently various arab airlines are inflitrated by would-be kamikaze aircrew. Remember the Egyptair also ?
The US and EU governments should therefore ban all overflights by arab airlines and embargo arab aircrew ! This is too high a risk.

13th Sep 2001, 23:33
One Saudia employee was arrested in Vero Beach this day, one other is a fugitive , armed with AK-47, and is being sought.

Conky Joe
15th Sep 2001, 21:08
The FBI have identified all passengers with Arabic names, on the four flights that crashed, as hijackers. However, two of the names and credentials on their list belong to people alive and well in Saudi - Abdulrahman S Alomari, is a Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot, married with four children, living in Jeddah.

Another, Amer Kamfar, lived in Vero Beach Florida but is a flight engineer for Saudi Arabian. He returned to Makkah a month ago and has remained here since.

Both have presented themselves to authorities for clarification of confusion.

(Info from Arab News 15 September 2001)

15th Sep 2001, 21:43

Most of the info in the posts above is boll#$ks. Firstly the Saudis at Vero Beach are ex FE's with Saudia doing ab-initio training with FSI.

Secondly; NO-ONE has been arrested. In fact CNN were reporting that one of the poor sods was on the manifest, when in fact he was with the FBI in Miami.

Thirdly; NO-ONE was running amuck with AK-47 in downtonwn Vero Beach. The likelyhood of anyone doing that in the states and continuing to live very long is extremely dubious. Have you seen how mean the cops are here??

Finally; This has been the worst case of negligent reporting I have ever seen. None of these Saudis in Vero Beach is anything other than a professional pilot. They have been scared sh$tless because the media got it's facts completely wrong and plastered their names all over the TV, when they had no evidence at all. Yes they have the same or similar sounding surnames, but that is where the similarities end.

Time and time again I've seen plenty of posts on the board by pilots saying that the media shouldn't be trusted and always gets it's facts wrong.

Well,we all just fell for it. Think before you type. :mad:

15th Sep 2001, 22:11
An apology from CNN...

We would like to correct a report that appeared on CNN. Based on information from multiple law enforcement sources, CNN reported that Adnan Bukhari and a brother, Ameer, of Vero Beach, Florida, were suspected to be two of the pilots who crashed planes into the World Trade Center. CNN learned Thursday that Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida, where he was questioned Wednesday by the FBI. We are sorry for the misinformation. Through his attorney, Bukhari says he is not connected at all with this, that he is helping authorities, and that any documents they found with his name means his identity was stolen. He says Ameer Bukhari, who he says is not his brother, died in a small plane crash last year. Additionally, Bukhari's attorney informs CNN that Bukhari passed an FBI-administered lie detector test.