View Full Version : b737-300 electrical

23rd Jan 2023, 17:32
-for b737-300 some grid locations (Grid No) are associated with Circuit Breaker No.
what doas the Grid No mean and how is it used?

23rd Jan 2023, 19:42
The Circuit breaker panels are arranged in a grid pattern, so to locate a particular CB, a check list or MEL procedure would say H5 for example, and the CB would be in row H and be the 5th one along.
Hope this helps.

23rd Jan 2023, 20:30
dixi188, very many thanks for your response,however the number (Grid No) is not as simple as you mentioned and some sort of more complex alpha-numerical code such as "L010" is used in WDM.so do you have any idea on specific document to be consulted to find thorough explanation of such alpha-numerical coding?