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10th Jan 2023, 19:06
I am looking for a source to get an Examiner Stamp, a simple box with examiner number, similar to the ones that the CAA use.

Can anyone give me a vendor location where I can get a personalised one.

10th Jan 2023, 21:33
Vista Print UK self inking stamps. Online 12 - 15. You design it (include a logo if you wish) and they make it.

11th Jan 2023, 05:53
The space provided for rating validation on the licence is so small I haven't bothered. I just squeeze my number and initials in the relevant boxes.
People used to have a stamp made up for log books but that seems to have gone by the wayside, too. I just sign and number the relevant line in a logbook.
For certifying documents, I have a Word document ready into which I insert the relevant details, then print it out and guillotine it to a small enough size so that I can scan it and the document to a .pdf for sending off to the Belgrano.
Seems to satisfy them.


Genghis the Engineer
11th Jan 2023, 08:01
I use Vistaprint, I have a stamp with my name, title, and all my licence numbers that I use for student logbooks, etc. I designed it with incredibly small, but just readable text, for obvious reasons.

Simply a case of design it in a suitable tool on your PC, upload it as an image, Bob's your uncle. The prices keep going up and down like a yoyo, and if you're not in a hurry, try registering, putting it in your shopping basket, then leaving it. Usually they design special offers for you around a week later, effectively giving you a significant discount.

Also great for business cards, flyers, and anything else of the like.


Stan Evil
11th Jan 2023, 12:39
If you want something really snazzy, try this:
The text is good for signing a logbook but too big for a licence.

11th Jan 2023, 23:43
Got one from LIDL