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1st Jan 2023, 16:16
Hey everyone.

I'm super confused and lost about this and would appreciate some opinions, preferably with sources.

How do I log the 3 simulator sessions of the TRI course practical part? I actually did the training with actual trainees, with only minor interruptions from the licensed instructor, but I did not have a license at the time. Is there a PICUS kind of deal for instruction time?
As I understand I only log the simulator block time, and not the briefing/debriefing times.

And I'm even more confused about how I should log the assessment of competence, because in a license check, if you pass without any intervention from the examiner, you log PIC; but I'm really not sure how it works for instructing or specifically TRI stuff.

Can anyone help out?

1st Jan 2023, 19:32
Don't confuse sim time with flight time. Just log the time you spend in the sim with what your capacity is eg TRI, there is no PIC or PICUS the time doesn't count for anything other than a record of the work you have done.

1st Jan 2023, 19:36
Do I log it as instructor time though? I've administered the sessions, but I was TRI in training, so no license.

1st Jan 2023, 22:38
If you work for a company they may specify what you should log for their requirements. If not its very much up to you. Any instructional time will count towards the experience required for instructor renewal but its not countable for anything else. The only sim time that can be logged towards flying requirements are hours flown on approved courses as a student.

2nd Jan 2023, 10:25
It's up to me? The authority doesn't have any guidelines towards this? I feel like they should, especially considering that how the time is logged will change the revalidation requirements.

And you're saying I shouldn't be logging that time as simulator time at all, once I am there as a licensed TRI? Then I log these sessions for sim time, since I was a 'TRI student?'

2nd Jan 2023, 11:59
The Authority is there to enforce regulation. There is no regulation regarding simulator time because it is not flight experience. The one exception is where you are using a simulator as part of an approved course and it is credited in lieu of flight experience. If its your job as a TRI then its a good idea to keep a record, how you do that is up to you. Apart from proving to an employer what you have done of for providing a record of hours for revalidation purposes, the time is of no use for anything else. I always put sim time in the back of my log book.