View Full Version : Looking for NZ Examiner for A320 test in the UK

17th Dec 2022, 19:44
Hi, I'm trying to convert my UK ATPL to a New Zealand ATPL but I'm really struggling to find an examination slot in NZ due to lack of resources of their A320 sims. I live in the UK currently, so if I could find a way to get my skills test completed here that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.


8th Jan 2023, 07:38
You might find it easier to convert to an Australian ATPL and then paperwork TTMRA to NZ.

23rd Jan 2023, 02:43
Actually way harder to convert to an Aus ATPL. Multiple exams required compared to the one Air law exam and skills test. Cheers anyway

23rd Jan 2023, 08:03
Guess things have changed from when I did it.