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11th Dec 2022, 04:59
Hello gents.

I have been flying a comercial jet many years.

I was made redundant just before my LPC, so I wasnt able to revalidate my type rating and IR.

if I get a job offer now to a new jet, do I need to renew the ME before I can join a type rating course? in that case, what would I need to do? Same for the IR?

Or can I just go now and renew the ME and IR through the type rating?

Appreciate your inside.


11th Dec 2022, 06:46
Do you mean MEP and IR-ME-SP? I suspect that your MEP rating and single pilot IR are long out if date, and neither of them can be renewed by taking an LPC on a multi pilot Jet.

Arrow Flyer
11th Dec 2022, 07:11
You don't need to renew the MEP class rating or single pilot IR before commencing a type rating. FCL.720.A (b) contains the relevant requirements.

In a nutshell, the requirement to "hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A)" only applies to the first type rating course. The requirement for the IR to be valid was changed in 2019 by introduction of the words "or have held".

Your MEP and single pilot IR will not be renewed during a type rating course, you would be issued the rating with type-specific IR.FCL.720.A

11th Dec 2022, 11:22
Thank you!