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22nd Nov 2022, 10:17
A news report on the BBC is trumpeting a new airline to be based in Belfast NI, operation starting in 2024. 35 destinations, all in (North) America, 1000 new jobs. No mentions of type/number of aircraft to be operated or other details.

Anyone want to give me odds or start a book on the likelihood of this getting off the ground.

Perhaps I'm becoming a pessermist in my old age.


22nd Nov 2022, 10:23
A fleet of 18 is getting a bit extreme but given the history of Norwegian/United/VA flying out of Belfast there may be some positivity. Just depends on the backing and availability of aircraft.

22nd Nov 2022, 11:17
More info & speculaiton in Simpleflying to which I believe it is not permitted to post a link.

22nd Nov 2022, 11:30
There’s definitely a market for a MAX or NEO daily to New York…United proved that with the 757. Maybe even room for a Toronto route too, although daily feels ambitious. But the big worry here is that it needs a mature airline, with connecting options stateside, to make it work. A startup feels like a good way to burn lots of money.

22nd Nov 2022, 12:14
Dublin 1.5 hours down a very good motorway (at least south of the border). Preclearance there too and a range of carriers including a semi low cost green one.
Belfast and NI is a market of about 1.5 million and a large proportion of that will leak south or to GB.
No aircraft orders, delivery slots yet.
Love the way the press release claims to be creating 21 000 jobs, 1000 directly and 20 000 in tourism. Presumably all the result of detailed market research and fact checked by the media and not just pulled out of their a....

22nd Nov 2022, 12:20
According to this BBC report the aim is to also hub pax through Belfast from Europe to America - eventually 35 destinations in total, not in America

BBC - Fly Atlantic plans transatlantic flights from Belfast International (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-63709198)

Fly Atlantic plans to launch a new transatlantic airline at Belfast International Airport in summer 2024.

It aims to fly to the US and Canada, British and European destinations and, once fully operational, plans to fly to 35 destinations.

This initial announcement is the first stage in its plans; the next steps will be securing aircraft and a licence.

The new airline says it will create a major hub linking Europe with North American destinations to supplement local passenger numbers.

22nd Nov 2022, 13:59
If it materializes, that could put a dent in Icelandair's and Play's Keflavik hub (depending on fares of course).

midnight cruiser
22nd Nov 2022, 14:18
But given that Ryanair, (with its extensive Dublin-Europe network already in place) has never been interested in entering the transatlantic market, can it really be profitable for a new entrant?

22nd Nov 2022, 15:27
Pipe dream.

22nd Nov 2022, 15:50
CEO Andrew Pyne

Chief Executive Officer Fly Atlantic (https://uk.linkedin.com/company/fly-atlantic?trk=public_profile_experience-item_profile-section-card_subtitle-click) Jan 2022 - Present11 months Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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22nd Nov 2022, 17:06
Sounds like atmosphere airlines….

22nd Nov 2022, 18:02
More info & speculaiton in Simpleflying to which I believe it is not permitted to post a link.

Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP
22nd Nov 2022, 19:42
Low cost long haul. Wonder why nobody has thought of that before. Great idea, they are onto a winner.

22nd Nov 2022, 19:49
Senior Adviser Strategy WOW air (https://uk.linkedin.com/company/wow-air?trk=public_profile_experience-item_profile-section-card_subtitle-click) Jan 2017 - Sep 2017 9 months Reykjavik

That worked out well…:rolleyes:​​​​​​​

Smooth Airperator
23rd Nov 2022, 10:50
£1500 per day and he'll fix your airline too.