View Full Version : NZ instructors in the UK/Europe

25th Oct 2022, 12:18
Hi everyone.

I am looking for a NZCAA A/B-Cat instructor who would be able to carry out a NZ CPL BFR in the UK or Europe. I seem to have reached a dead end in my search. I am rapidly approaching 5 years since expired so would be looking to complete it before the end of the year ideally.

If anyone knows of someone or can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated!

Thanks for any and all help.


26th Oct 2022, 08:52
Contact CTC Aviation at Southampton, they have a training centre in NZ and may know of someone.

26th Oct 2022, 13:09
Thanks for taking the time Whopity.

Unfortunately CTC (later L3) closed down in New Zealand. I have contacted L3 but they didn't have any information regarding current NZ instructors in the UK.

The search continues