View Full Version : Easa Examiner's Assesment of Competence vs Easa Examiner' Lic Renewal

24th Oct 2022, 16:47
Ladies and Gents, what is the difference between an EASA Examiner's License renewal and an Assesment of Competency. Are they both the same? Thanks.

24th Oct 2022, 17:18
An EASA Examiner has a licence and aircraft ratings as well as Instructor and Examiner Certificates. The term Renewal under EASA is the process necessary to reactivate something that has expired.
An Assessment of Competence is part of the action taken to revalidate or renew a Certificate such as an Instructor Certificate or an Examiner Certificate.
To renew or revalidate a rating a Proficiency Check is required.
EASA licences don't expire so don't need to be renewed or revalidadted.

24th Oct 2022, 18:12
Thanks Whopity (https://www.pprune.org/members/99346-whopity), I understand that an assessment of competency is one of the conditions for the revalidation or renewal an Examiner's cerificate.

24th Oct 2022, 18:51

24th Oct 2022, 19:11