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16th Oct 2022, 11:11
Hi to all Examiners, just a quick question about revalidating a UK CAA SEP rating by experience post Brexit.
I would like to know if when revalidating by experience, any of the 12 hours in the last 12 months before expiry can include Dual hours flown on a non-UK registered (French registered) SEP aircraft.
I know there was an AMC doc a while ago and it used to be acceptable.

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17th Oct 2022, 07:39
From memory, I think it's the licence of the instructor that gave you the dual that determines whether the time counts not the aircraft reg.

But, since neither you or I can rely on my memory, someone will be along shortly with the full answer!

17th Oct 2022, 10:16
Acording to the ANO Schedule 8
FCL.740.A (b)(1) and (4) of Part-FCL, provided a SEP aeroplane with three axis control system is used.
FCL740.A no longer exists in UK legislation however (b) (1)and (4) do:
(b) Revalidation of single-pilot single-engine class ratings. (1) Single-engine piston aeroplane class ratings and TMG class ratings. For the revalidation of single-pilot single-engine piston aeroplane class ratings or TMG class ratings, the applicants shall: (i) within the 3 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, pass a proficiency check in the relevant class in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Part with an examiner; or (ii) within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, complete 12 hours of flight time in the relevant class, including:
— 6 hours as PIC,
— 12 take-offs and 12 landings, and
— refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with a flight instructor (FI) or a class rating instructor (CRI). Applicants shall be exempted from this refresher training if they have passed a class or type rating proficiency check, skill test or assessment of competence in any other class or type of aeroplane.
(4) When applicants hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane-land class rating and a single-engine piston aeroplane-sea class rating, they may complete the requirements of (1)(ii) in either class or a combination thereof, and achieve the fulfilment of these requirements for both ratings. At least 1 hour of required PIC time and 6 of the required 12 take-offs and landings shall be completed in each class.

It makes no stipulation with regard to whether the aeroplane is pink; white or blue or even French! So 6 hours can be dual in any SEP. However; to be valid for licensing purposes any dual instruction must be endorsed by the Instructor who gave the training AMC FCL.050.

8th Nov 2022, 10:19
Am I correct in thinking that the 1119E is no longer used, and is replaced by an SRG 3108, on line, but someone still has to physically sign the sep section on the ratings page in the licence.
And if you are a commercial pilot, the one hour with an instructor is not required as an LPC/LST in the previous year would count.

Arrow Flyer
8th Nov 2022, 16:22
Yes SRG 1119E has gone, SRG 1157 can be used for Revalidation by Experience. If the licence has been endorsed in the field there's no need to submit an SRG 3108 - paperwork can be emailed to [email protected]

It's not just for commercial pilots, a pass in any skill test or proficiency check can be used in lieu of the training hour with an instructor.