View Full Version : Medical requirements for a helicopter type rating renewal

md 600 driver
29th Sep 2022, 08:26
I have been told that in the UK under CAA rules a private pilot(helicopter ) when completing a type rating renewal does not need a valid uptodate medical for his PC as he is not pilot in command is this true ?

Is this the same for easa licences in Europe if true can you point me to the part in the regs which shows it

thanks in advance

29th Sep 2022, 18:58
FCL.040 Exercise of the privileges of licences
Regulation (EU) 2019/1747
The exercise of the privileges granted by a licence shall be dependent upon the validity of the ratings contained therein, if applicable, and of the medical certificate as appropriate to the privileges exercised.
So if he doesn't have a medical he can't exercise the priviledge of being PIC, there is however nothing to prevent the flight being Dual.

12th Oct 2022, 12:48
If you want it in plain English, the Helicopter Flight Examiners Manual (UK) or Flight Examiners Manual (EASA) states the situation very clearly.

Google CAA flight examiners manual, choose the helicopter option and refer to para 2.1

Of note the flight will be dual not PICUS if you pass the check if you have no medical