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12th Sep 2022, 21:35
Hello Everyone,

I have been recently approached by 2 ex students that graduated with very good ATPL grades and they asked me if there is a book I would recommend them to buy so that they can revise and keep their ATPL knowledge.
ACE the technical pilot interview is more suitable for the usual interview questions but they were looking for something that they could use to revise the entire ATPL.
I would like to ask if there is anything you would recommend and are willing to share in terms of notes/summaries etc.

Thanks in advance!

13th Sep 2022, 22:27
Back in my day i had written copious notes when i studied. I thought they would be useful to revise later on. Someone else thought the same. I lent them out with all my study books......and never had them given back.

14th Sep 2022, 03:20
The best book I've found for that, and the one I used when studying for ATPL exams, is "EASA Professional Pilot Studies (https://electrocution.com/aviation/)".
It's probably one of the best technical books I've read (explanations are great and it is very well structured).
I think the book's author is user paco in this forum.

14th Sep 2022, 20:41
AP 3456. All you need to know - and free.

18th Sep 2022, 11:30
AP 3456. All you need to know - and free. Not for EASA exams though - good for A2 upgrades.

Paco's book is excellent.

18th Sep 2022, 20:43
The question was about theory not exams. The AP is a terrific free resource for just that.