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22nd Aug 2022, 11:55
I have done many searches, contacted the CAA, banged my head against a brick wall and I am still struggling to find an answer so hopefully someone here can help.

I finished flight school in 2010 and my JAA license was issued in Feb 2011. Since then I have been employed by Qatar Airways and have been operating under my Qatari license. Unfortunately I didnít keep my JAA license current so presumably it expired in 2016. I am now applying to some UK based airlines and so Iím going to need to revalidate my License.

Can anybody shed any light on what I need to do?

22nd Aug 2022, 15:27
I was in a similar position a couple of years ago and the rules may well have changed. Nonetheless, if your original JAA Licence was issued by the UK CAA, you should now be entitled to a UK Licence, which is non-expiring. There would be no valid Types Ratings on this licence. However, if you joined a new airline, you would do the conversion course for your new type. Conversely, if you were to continue on the same type e.g. A350, it would involve the Operator's Conversion Course. The Proficiency Check would put the A350/IR on your UK Licence. It may well have changed, but the likes of Jet2 and Virgin seem to understand what's involved.

22nd Aug 2022, 19:40
SRG1104 Licence conversion form.