View Full Version : A330 "new generation" EASA Emergency Airworthiness Directive

18th Aug 2022, 18:27
EASA AD No.: 2022-0170-E

Airbus A330-841 and A330-941 aeroplanes, all serial numbers.

Occurrences were reported of leaking Bleed System High Pressure Valves (HPV), apparently due to
HPV clip failure and sealing ring damage. A leaking HPV may expose the Pressure Regulating Valve
(PRV), which is installed downstream from the HPV, to high pressure, possibly damaging the PRV
itself and preventing its closure, when required.

This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to high pressure and temperatures in the
duct downstream from the PRV, with possible duct burst, damage to several systems and
consequent loss of control of the aeroplane.

Probably it is better to ask Rolls to install 1 more Valve just in case ...

18th Aug 2022, 20:19
AD action consists solely of some AFM limitations and removal of some items from the MEL.

19th Aug 2022, 13:50
What`s the story here? There are plenty of AD`s of similar magnitude for each and every large aircraft. This one does not even require any additional inspection or mandatory modification (for now) There are about 500-ish ADs in total issued against A-330 (all variants) Approximatelly the same as A-320. Move along please, not much to see here.

19th Aug 2022, 15:14
The AD states there is a potential for catastrophic failure leading to loss of control. Might be unlikely but not something seen in most AD’s. From a practical standpoint it is going to cause weight restrictions on some routes the aircraft flies like TLV to JFK.

2nd Sep 2022, 10:56
The EAD is already superseded by AD 2022-0181. There are maintenance actions to be taken.