View Full Version : UK CAA revalidation MEP and IR

6th Aug 2022, 11:11
Hello everyone.

It will be my first time revalidating the MEP IR on my UK CAA license.
I would like to ask you if you could point out to me the procedure to follow after the proficiency check in order to have the UK CAA database updated with the new expiry.
Is there anything that me as a candidate need to do?

Also, did anyone of you revalidated his/her SEP by showing the revalidation on another class of aeroplane? For example if I revalidate the MEP does it revalidate also the SEP? I think EASA works this way but not sure about the UK CAA.

Many thanks in advance

Kemble Pitts
6th Aug 2022, 12:54
As SEP and MEP are separate ratings, I'd be surprised if revalidation of MEP also covers SEP.

6th Aug 2022, 13:40
You can count the ME/IR Prof Check as an alternative to the hour with an instructor for the SEP revalidation, but you still have to either meet the experience requirement in a SEP or pass a Prof Check in a SEP.
There is no difference between the UK CAA and EASA in this respect.

7th Aug 2022, 09:32
In addition to Whopity , the IR for the MEP can cover the SEP by cross-crediting.