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11th Jun 2022, 13:26
Hi everyone,

I am looking to download the new UK FCL pdf regulations. I am not talking about the EASA easy access rules PART FCL but the UK specific rules.
Could you please share the link where I can find this pdf file?
I need to revalidate my SEP and I would like to know if I can use the 12 flight hours requirements flown on an EASA registered aircraft to revalidate my SEP on my UK license.
And if I can un-restrict my instructor rating after I reached the requirements instructing on EASA aircraft and EASA flight school.

Many thanks in advance,

12th Jun 2022, 09:41
UK Regulations: https://www.caa.co.uk/uk-regulations/aviation-safety/basic-regulation-the-implementing-rules-and-uk-caa-amc-gm-cs/aircrew/

12th Jun 2022, 11:51
flown on an EASA registered aircraft

There is no such thing because aircraft must be registered with particular state. The nationality of the aircraft flown has no bearing for the purposes of experience. If you hold an EASA Instructor Rating issued by a non UK authority then you must satisfy all of the licencing processes through that authority. This would include for instance the 1 hour training requirement unless your exempt this.