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11th Jun 2022, 10:59
Hi guys and girls,
Please would someone clarify as having consulted with some pilots, no firm answer has been provided.
FYWH - Windhoek ILS or LOC rwy26 & circling VOR rwy 26
Why does the profile view not correspond to the plan view.
Assuming no atc, if an aircraft is en-route to join the approach, the radial 005 is to be intercepted and flown to the IAF JOWE followed by the arc.(Plan view)
Why does the profile view show the VOR with subsequent radial 050 (which is the missed approach?)


11th Jun 2022, 11:36
The profile view is quite clearly labelled Missed Approach and it does agree with trhe plan view. It does not show JOWEE on the profile view because its not relevant to the missed approach.

11th Jun 2022, 12:35
Profile view conveys info of the approach procedure. Not the missed approach.
Even if it were relating to the missed approach it is still incorrect.

11th Jun 2022, 14:27
The profile view belongs to the approach with WHV as IAF.

11th Jun 2022, 16:35
Thanks AF
Any reason you can think of why it would not be listed as such?

11th Jun 2022, 18:51
I think what you may be after is this; instrument procedures normally have a primary procedure and have been commonly associated with an NDB (becoming less and less). For this particular procedure it is the VOR which is the primary approach aid: with the DME arc and from the hold being alternate procedures. In both the plan and the profile therefore things are the same but the option to commence from the hold or the DME arc remains a choice. The alternates profiles do not need to be shown because they are no different once having arrived at the FAP/FAF.

Little One
12th Jun 2022, 06:53
The profile view shows 2 "entries" to the IF "FRITZ" however there are 3 different procedures shown on the plate.

1) The DME Arc from JOWEE with an initial Alt of 8000ft (Primarily will be used for Aircraft from the North)

2) Crossing the VOR and intercepting R050 at 9500ft (Primarily for aircraft from the West or South)

3) Straight-in to Fritz at 8000ft from the East. (Usually radar vectored or if cleared Direct to FRITZ by ATC)

Looking at the MSA JOWEE and FRITZ can only be used if under Radar vectors as the fall below the MSA but within the ASMAC levels for ATC to used with RADAR (checked on the Nam AIP on the link below)


Therefore if Radar was not in use aircraft would have to route to the VOR 10k or above until crossing the beacon and intercepting R050

The profile view shows this VOR portion clearly as the DME arc is not shown in profile until where it turn on final at 14DME.

12th Jun 2022, 08:24
Thank you. Much clearer now

12th Jun 2022, 10:39
Why does the profile view show the VOR with subsequent radial 050 (which is the missed approach?)

The reason why is designed and portrayed this way is because of the MSA to the west is 10,000 ft, after station passage the aircraft can descend outbound on the 050 radial.