View Full Version : Indian Airport Closures During Diversion

1st Jun 2022, 19:12
A few years ago, AC had to declare an emergency four times to get to an airport as seen in this article:

India ATC tries to divert Air Canada Dreamliner despite four Mayday calls following two diversions - Aviation24.be (https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/air-canada/air-canada-dreamliner-india-atc-tries-divert-aircraft-despite-four-mayday-calls-following-two-diversions/)

It looks like airports are still closing when they are needed the most:

C-FIUJ, an Air Canada Boeing 777-200 was conducting flight AC42 from Toronto/Lester B.,
Pearson Intl. (CYYZ), ON to New Delhi/Indira Gandhi Intl. (VIDP), India. Flight was unable to land at VIDP due to severe thunderstorm in the area. Flight crew decided to divert to
Ahmedabad/Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Intl. (VAAH), India. Flight crew advised of their intention to divert to VAAH but ATC informed the crew that VAAH was closed. As the flight crew did not want to try an approach in severe turbulence/thunderstorm at VIDP, flight crew declared a MAYDAY and proceeded toward VAAH. During climb to cruise level, flight encountered severe turbulence with altitude variation of 200 feet. Several crew and passengers received minor injuries. Flight landed in VAAH without further incident where they met with EMS and Severe turbulence inspection was completed with no damage found.

Any similar experiences?