View Full Version : Converting EASA PPL to UK PPL

5th Apr 2022, 08:19
Can anyone advise of the requirements to obtain a UK PPL, if a pilot holds an EASA PPL which was issued after 31 March 2021 (and the pilot was never the holder of a UK PPL). I have read carefully rules for holders prior 31 Dec 20 and the rules for post 1 Jan 21 up to 31 Mar 21, but cannot find anything regarding obtaining a UK PPL if EASA PPL issued after 31 Mar 21. Any ideas/ leads please?

Second question regarding PPL for folks with EASA knowledge please. Can training hours obtained at a UK DTO or ATO ( not EASA approved) post 1 January 2021 be counted towards the 45 hrs for an EASA PPL. I realise this may appear a simple No answer but was wondering if anyone can add to this situation as the course remains the same? Please donít reply ask your NAA, as I will do that but only after asking the experts that frequent these forums.

5th Apr 2022, 14:32
Conversion requirements are contained in Regulation EU2020/723

Training hours at a UK DTO post Jan 2021 are not recognised by EASA states so they are worthless there. Anyone who has started would be well advised to continue to licence issue in the UK and then convert. The FAA will recognise them.