View Full Version : IAA examiner course (initial)

Straighten Up
4th Apr 2022, 13:41
Can anyone suggest a place I can get an initial flight examiner certificate done? I'm British, hold an IAA licence and live in Spain but happy to travel. Spanish authority only offer to Spanish licence holders and ontrack etc don't seem to do for easa.

Thank you.

4th Apr 2022, 22:06
AFTA in Cork. http://afta.ie

Good luck

5th Apr 2022, 00:15
Becoming an examiner is not like adding a new rating, you can't just do it anywhere it's a privilege reserved to the NAA that issued your licence. I would expect because Ireland has a limited aviation industry there will not be an ATO that does the examiner course, it will be with the IAA. You will have to speak to them about it

5th Apr 2022, 22:30
Or try www.nfc.Ie if you canít get through to the IAA