View Full Version : Combined IR and CPL Skills Tests

11th Mar 2022, 13:14
I know that some EASA Authorities allow combined IR and CPL Skills tests, but the UK CAA do not; they stipulate that the tests must be conducted separately. However, I'm struggling to find a regulation that support's the UK CAA position. Can anyone help?

12th Mar 2022, 11:13
Would you really want to do that, though?! :sad:

12th Mar 2022, 12:27
I understand that the CPL flight is a visual test and requires VMC and visual approaches. Quite distinct from an IR test.

12th Mar 2022, 16:14
There is no regulation. Its a perfectly sensible decision by the CAA to keep two entirely seperate tests seperate. As we are no longer anything to do with EASA what they may or may not do is irrelevant.

Big Pistons Forever
12th Mar 2022, 22:07
Theoretically this could be done in Canada but there are very few common maneuvers so you would essentially being doing 2 complete test which would take a least 3.0 hours of flight time. You would be pretty tired at the end of that marathon 🤔.

I do know one individual that did both tests in one day, the CPL in the morning a break for lunch, and then the IF in the afternoon on the same airplane.

Genghis the Engineer
15th Mar 2022, 15:37
I can't honestly think of any good reason in any legislative regime you'd want to do this.

A 90 minute VFR handling and DR nav test

A 120 minute IFR under-the-hood test.

With in most regimes at least some portion of oral / preparation for each.

I can't think of any reason that any sane individual would want to fly a double-prepared, 3+ hour test in one hit. At the very least, have a break for lunch in the middle!


15th Mar 2022, 16:59
Whether it is sensible or not is a moot point. The Swedish, Polish and Greek authorities, amongst others, allow this as the norm. The UK/EASA question arises because the UK CAA must recognise EASA training and testing during the 2 years 'recognition period'. I wondered if there is any regulatory basis for refusal to recognise a combined test; I cannot find anything, but Iím a little out of touch now.

16th Mar 2022, 11:33
So you've done it (as a combined test) in EASAland, but the UK CAA aren't recognising it?

16th Mar 2022, 23:06
When the UK became part of EASA it followed the rules as laid down. If a student came from another EASA State the CAA accepted any certificates issued in accordance with the regulation. It issued IRs when it was known that the ATOs involved were not doing it in a manner acceptable to the UK, It issued FI ratings on the basis of 7 day FI Courses which we all know are impossible, so I see no reason why it would not accept a CPL and IR if the certificates are in accordance with the regulation.