View Full Version : EURO OPS 740.A Revalidation of SEP class rating after passing an LPC on a C680

6th Mar 2022, 18:04
Hi Ladies and Gents,

I have a question for you learned Ladies and Gentlemen. Can a pilot revalidate their SEP (single engine pilot) class rating after passing an LPC (license proficiency check) on a C680 (multi engine turbojet)?

6th Mar 2022, 18:32
If you meet the revalidation requirements for the SEP then you can count the LPC on the C680 in lieu of the one hours dual training required for the revalidation.

10th Mar 2022, 00:53
Whopity (https://www.pprune.org/members/99346-whopity), thank you for your input.

10th Mar 2022, 10:21
So don't forget to make sure you've got 12 hours SEP in the second year, including the 6 take offs and landings. And to get it signed before the end date.

11th Mar 2022, 02:08
MrAverage, thank you