View Full Version : The old UK CAA IRE/TRE Training

17th Feb 2022, 23:55
I no longer reside in the UK, but back in the '90s, I did the IRE/TRE Course with the UK CAA at Gatwick.

Does anyone remember where those facilities were? I remember the sim we used was an HS 125.

18th Feb 2022, 08:36
I also did the TRE/ IRE course there with the CAA. As I recall it was in the GECAT sim in Crawley opposite (now) the Premier Inn. It was the lunchtime glasses of red wine that I remember the most. Amazed that I passed retrospectively although every one was very relaxed.

18th Feb 2022, 08:46
i remember the HS125 sim, it was in a block just off the roundabout on the A23 where astral towers, the old BCAL building is.

19th Feb 2022, 03:04
Thanks guys :)