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Rivet gun
12th Feb 2022, 07:25
An FI(A) with a PPL who has not passed CPL exams is restricted to "LAPL only". Can such an instructor instruct for the one hour instructional flying required to revalidate by experience an SEP rating for the holder of an ATPL?

12th Feb 2022, 10:35
An interesting question that will no doubt result in a number of different answers. Firstly a FI(A) without CPL knowledge may not be limited in any way because they may have grandfather rights.

An FI(A) who was issued a certificate that is limited to "LAPL only" may only train pilots for a LAPL according to the regulation. FCL.915.FI.FI (b) refers to such instructors as providing training for the LAPL (only), and makes no reference to any other privileges. The UK does allow them to train for the NPPL. To enhance the privilages of a FI(LAPL) they would be well advised to obtain a CRI rating as well which will fill the gaps.

The one hour training flight may be any number of flights conducted by any number of FIs or CRIs: FCL.740A (b) (ii).refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with a flight instructor (FI) or a class rating instructor (CRI). My view is that a FI(LAPL) is not qualified to do this training which is not part of the LAPL revalidation process. They have been trained to the required standard and indeed received more comprehensive training than a CRI whose privilege it falls within.
A FI(LAPL) is not authorised to sign certificates of revalidation in accordance with FCL.945 as it does not fall within their privileges.
I don't doubt that such instructors may well have done this training flight and that nobody has noticed.

The fact that the FI only holds a PPL whilst the person they are instructing has an ATPL is of no relevance as they are training for a rating which both can hold and not a licence.

12th Feb 2022, 10:47
IT's bit silly but as Whopity says it's a no, that is why it is recommended to tick the box for CRI when you apply for the FI rating if you only have PPL.