View Full Version : TRI SFI Course

5th Feb 2022, 15:42
Can the 10 hour simulator requirement for a TRI/SFI course be conducted with live students on an OCC course for example, or not?

5th Feb 2022, 19:57
This would surely depend on both the operator/ATO and regulator.

Since the courses are presumably approved, I would expect a 'yes' for operators, and 'no' for independent ATOs, because the trainee TRI is not an employee, and any students are also not employees.

At a previous employer, the TRI course was conducted (under supervision) with live students. Participating in an ATO course, this was completed completely differently. Two trainee TRIs, and a supervising TRE, swapping between all three seats: we made enough errors for plenty of debriefing content!

Good luck.

7th Feb 2022, 22:21
An OCC course it would be OK, because that is internal operator training. Normally for a type rating then no, since the requirement - and expectation of the students - is that they are being taught by a qualified instructor. The risk with an OCC where they are already typed is not enough errors to work on!