View Full Version : UA90 EWR-TLV turns back due disruptive passengers

23rd Jan 2022, 02:35
(Identifies flight as United 90 and route)

(Econ pax taking seats in Biz and refusing instruction to return to their allocated cabin)

almost 3 hours in flight to arrive back where you started - oy

23rd Jan 2022, 06:54
Turned round about an hour out of Newark, just over New Brunswick.

FAA reports nearly 6,000 incidents of "unruly passengers" last year.

The AvgasDinosaur
23rd Jan 2022, 10:29
I’m almost certain with modern technology these ‘people’ should qualify for an entry on an all carriers no fly list, if not a suspension of their passport privileges!!

23rd Jan 2022, 19:15
About 10 years ago I was on a BA flight Buenos Aires/London in Club World. Once everything was quiet a youngish lady came from economy and settled down. She lasted about 5 minutes before a crew member spotted her. Slight argy bargy then she moved back. A little later she reappeared but was spotted again and moved back. No fuss, efficiently dealt with.

23rd Jan 2022, 20:02
Are other countries reporting similar increases in incidences of bad behavior or is this just particular to the US? These people should indeed be banned from all carriers.