View Full Version : Air Ukraine shootdown: Iranian report query

9th Jan 2022, 11:30
I have been asked by persons involved with the Canadians who were killed when the Air Ukraine jet was shot down two years ago whether there is any way to trace the individuals referred to on page 109 of the Iranian official report quoted below. Does anyone reading PPrune have any idea what/who this could refer to?
"Further, according to the information provided by British Airways through UK Expert, this airline had been made aware of the Iranian missile attack on the American base at 03:25 on Jan. 08, 2020, so even before receiving the formal FAA NOTAM, it had already put in place processes to stop operations entering the Baghdad and Tehran FIR. and to leave those FIRs as soon as possible if already in them, but focusing initially on the Iraqi airspace. The request of BAW124 flight for entering Tehran FIR was the result of the risk assessment at the time, but the airline was focused on securing the preference to operate through Saudi airspace."