View Full Version : Convert UK Part-FCL ATPL to Aus CASA ATPL

4th Jan 2022, 21:37
I have a UK Part-FCL ATPL, but would like to start job hunting in Australia.

What would I need to do to convert my licence? Would it be best to get a job offer first, and have them help with the transfer process?

The website states I need to take one written paper, where are these administered? Its not all that clear, other than be being done online. Are the schools there geared up with the study material for this paper, and if so any recommendations?

The website also states EASA licences are looked at on a case by case basis, hinting there may be some exemptions applied. My licence was an EASA one previously, would they look at that for any exemptions? Would it be an easier path to get an EASA licence then convert that to Aus?

Thanks in advance for any advice

5th Jan 2022, 05:25
How confident are you of finding a job? I thought there were (almost) none down under..?