View Full Version : FAA Requirement to fly as SIC in Part 91 Operation

20th Dec 2021, 21:05
Good day All,
I am new to the forums and have a questions to ask.
Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions one of our crew members, Captain could not complete his annual recurrence training.
Does the FAA regulation allow for the crew member to fly a SIC until he can complete his annual recurrence end of January 2021?
Your guidance and input us much appreciated.

21st Dec 2021, 10:34
He has the type rating on his licence, so he just needs to fulfil the recency requirements of 61.55 for a SiC.
His recurrent within the last 2 years counts as a BFR.
Presumably he has done 3 landings within the last 12 months, and has the CRM trainig that is required for all crewmembers.
That just leaves the requirement to have logged Engine-out procedures and maneuvering with an engine out while executing the duties of pilot in command
So he may need to to take off and throttle back an engine and run through some handling and reading the checklist. Legally under FAA this can be done by a line crew as long as there are no passengers, but sensibly I would find an instructor to do it with if possible.

Good luck!