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29th Nov 2021, 18:16
Iíve renewed my IRR/IMC rating, however it needs to be moved from the back of my licence page to the front. The CAA say I need to submit an SRG1125. Iíve submitted the 1176, and payment form, is the 1125 required? Itís a renewal, not an application for the rating.

29th Nov 2021, 22:59
is the 1125 required? It’s a renewal, not an application for the rating.

You provide very little information to be specific. However, yes you do if the rating has lapsed for more than 5 years. This has been in place for many years, even before the EASA mess came into being, even for a national licence.

The form SRG1125 is very much designed to be for an initial application. You need to be creative. That is write across all the sections applicable to an initial application with the words 'NOT APPLICABLE' but of course complete just the sections regarding your personal details including your licence details. If you also hold a national licence ensure that the this is also updated. I don't know the charge for all of this. I'm not sure if you can write the words 'as applicable' in the payment form amount column any more.

30th Nov 2021, 09:49
I had the same problem at the beginning of this year, the application was turned down at “pre-screening” because the course completion certificate (section 8) had not been completed as there had been no course, I had marked it as N/A as Fl1ingfrog suggests.

The answer is as given above, fill it in. If you hold a professional licence or any form of IR or have done in the last ten years there are a whole bunch of credits listed in CAP 804. I ended up sending them the following email listing those that applied :

” I have received an email from a lady named xxxxx regarding my application to renew my IR(R) which is currently recorded as a previously held rating on the back of my U.K. issued ATPL.

The email states that you cannot process my application as section 8 of the form 1125 has not been completed. Section 8 is the course certificate to be completed by the training organisation or instructor.
This section has not been completed as I was not required to complete a course of training. I noted this point in the covering email, but for clarification I will quote from CAP 804 part 1, section 3.3.2, “Credits”. (From section 5 part E page 3)

3.3.2 Credits

“An applicant who has held an ICAO IR(A) or military green aeroplane Instrument Rating or a U.K. professional pilots licence aeroplanes within the 10 years before the date of application for the IMC Rating is not required to undergo a course of flight or ground training but must pass the Theoretical Knowledge examination and initial IMC Rating/ IR (Restricted) Skill Test.“

It further continues in Section 5 Part E Page 4 to state that :

“ An applicant who has held an ICAO IR(A) or military green aeroplane instrument rating or a U.K. professional pilot licence aeroplanes or a valid Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Ground Instructors Certificate within the 5 years before the date of application for the IMC rating / IR (restricted) will be credited with a pass in the Theoretical Knowledge Examination.”

Attached to my application is a certified copy of my current U.K. Airline Transport Pilots Licence, to which I wish the IR(R) to be attached. As my licence is current I have, by default, held a U.K. professional pilot licence within 10 years proceeding the application, so am not required to complete a course of flight training. Therefore there is nothing to be completed in section 8 of the application form, so I have marked it as “not applicable”. By virtue of the same qualification of holding a current U.K. ATPL I meet the requirement to have held a U.K. professional pilots licence within 5 years proceeding the application so I am also exempt the Theoretical Knowledge Examination, or ground school training for it, so I have also marked section 7 of the form SRG 1125 as ”Exempt”.

Hopefully this will be satisfactory to you,

Best regards”

Alternatively, if none of the credits apply to you and you had to complete ground school / exams / training then list it on the form, get the head of training to sign it and send it to them with a covering email. I found them (the CAA) very helpful through the whole process, just slightly lacking in knowledge of the requirements for the renewal.

30th Nov 2021, 10:19
Course Completion Certificate for an unapproved Natiional Course, how much dafter is it going to get!