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14th Nov 2021, 09:49
A colleague flying with an EASA license has a foreign-based FAA CPL, issued in the 90s on the basis of his pre-EASA national license (which he no longer has). He hasn't used it for some years but now wants to be able to use it to fly Cessnas around for fun Stateside.
Would I be correct to say that he would have to go through the foreign license verification procedure again, including fsdo/DPE appointment, resulting in an update of his foreign-based FAA certificate? (the paper to plastic card thing should then take care of itself.)
Of course followed by medical, flight review, etc.

14th Nov 2021, 09:56
That is correct though I gather you have to do it through a DPE at a cost as you can't go to a FSDO any more. Don't forget ELP as well but I think thats fairly straight forward in the US. If ts a based on Certificate then his medical that goes with the foreign licence is all thats required.

14th Nov 2021, 10:15
Good points. Thanks!

14th Nov 2021, 11:14
The FAA stopped issuing piggyback CPLs in the 90s, so what he's got is a collector's item (like the ATP Gyroplane!)
Without the old national licence (or a new version with the same licence number) he'll only get a 61.75 PPL
Not that it matters...