View Full Version : La Palma (SPC/GCLA) closed by volcanic ash

26th Sep 2021, 13:32
After a few days of eruptions, airport finally closed, with accumulations of ash on the runway. Mostly inter-island flights, but there are normally a few jets a day from mainland Europe. Nearby Tenerife, about 100nm away, rolls on as normal.

Which makes one wonder, when the Iceland volcano erupted about 10 years ago, why the whole of Western Europe airspace was closed, when not a speck of volcanic dust was seen.

26th Sep 2021, 14:23
The VA advisory also looks a bit on the small and low side.

Visually, the puffy VA cloud seems to go far above FL 110, and there's also a long grey streak from it to the NE, much longer than the advisory block, about FL300. I wonder if it is been properly surveyed from the air?

The Bartender
26th Sep 2021, 15:28

Really? Roughly 2000 kilometers east of Iceland, i had to dust off my car before use on the worst days, and using a flashlight or laserpointer at night you could easily see the ashes in the air.

fox niner
26th Sep 2021, 16:53
Makes you wonder how they would react if a pandem….nah…

El Grifo
27th Sep 2021, 10:19
In typical AENA style, they announced yesterday that all airports in the Canaries were open, whilst locally, the authorities were appealing for those in the Island with Leaf Blowers turn up to help clean the area for arrival of emergency aircraft !

Nil by mouth
27th Sep 2021, 23:04
It's erupted again this evening so those leaf blowers will need plenty of 2T to deal with the amount of ash spewing out.
New eruption evening 27th. Sept

8th Oct 2021, 16:52
Ash cloud affecting flights at TFN? (https://www.canarianweekly.com/posts/ash-cloud-affecting-tenerife-flights)

Interesting that AENA saying TFN airport is open but according to this report some airlines are not operating there.

9th Oct 2021, 20:57
Hi, don´t know who´s saying what ....
the cloud was visual , and the Met Services knew about it.

Count Niemantznarr
13th Oct 2021, 12:11
Satellite imagery showing the plume over Rome via northern Morocco and Tunisia.

Any warnings yet at what level the plume is?

13th Oct 2021, 14:44
Bingo !

Incident: Ryanair B738 near Tenerife on Oct 11th 2021, engine trouble after flying through volcanic ashes (http://avherald.com/h?article=4ee9dfe1&opt=0)

14th Oct 2021, 06:15
The avherald report (very informative as ever) shows a standard departure from Tenerife South going nowhere near La Palma. I wonder what the routing of the aircraft was on its arrival on the previous flight. My experience is that the arrival would take you much closer to the rather interesting bull's eye shape cloud forming around the volcano caused by a temperature inversion around 15,000 feet. If this is a based aircraft or one frequently in TFS it could be a precursor of a wider problem. I imagine a number of airlines will be inspecting engines of aircraft that have been there recently. Hopefully it is no big deal. But having been through the Icelandic grounding I am surprised that so far there seemed to have been so little impact.

16th Oct 2021, 05:38
I happened to look at the eruption pictures on webcams this morning. It appears that the eruption has increased in strength. I thin the coming days could be interesting, with a bit of ash for Tenerife,. We´ll see.

Manual Pitch Trim
28th Oct 2021, 09:30
The VAAC charts are only issued every 6 hours, this we should pressure for every 3 hours to make it more operationally feasible. No?

During the day one can see the darker volcanic clouds. Difficult at night so we need the VAAC charts to be precise...