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19th Sep 2021, 18:59

Scenario is a CPL/PPL holder who did the fully integrated course and has MEP Land on his licence. Wants to add SEP Land to his licence. He has done all the single engine stuff, but no check to formally add the SEP class to his licence.

I'm not sure if the SRG2128 LST is correct, as that's for an initial licence and class/type issue. What test/check needs to be done after the required training (SRG1107) and which form/format? SRG1157...?


Arrow Flyer
19th Sep 2021, 19:52
Training as required, then complete a skill test for initial issue of an SEP (Land) Class Rating.

As you say, Course Completion Certificate (SRG 1107) then Examiners Report (SRG 1157).

24th Sep 2021, 11:19
To add the rating SRG1119A is also needed

24th Sep 2021, 17:13
Assuming it's UK, above is correct. FEH Table 4A, Standards Document 14(A). CAA forms SRG1107, SRG1119A, SRG1157. I also suggest that you check the DTO/ATO holds the approval to conduct SEP (Land) Class Rating training.


24th Sep 2021, 21:21
Thanks. Re the 1157, is it just the ‘M’ items to be done as per the LPC schedule, or do all the stalls, for example, have to be assessed?

FEH Table 4A, can’t find that one?

Arrow Flyer
25th Sep 2021, 07:02
"M" items are mandatory, where more than one option is listed (eg. stalling) the examiner has the choice of which to test. Generally, I'll test "clean power off" and "base to final turn" stall recoveries.

There's no requirement to test every item unless the examiner deems it necessary.

Ref: Standards Document 14, Appendix 1, A-4

25th Sep 2021, 07:36
Where confusion was evident amongst examiners from a change to wording in the FEH, UK CAA issued guidance in Trainingcom Autumn 2017 (https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?catid=1&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=detail&id=8075) regarding the number of stalls on a Class Rating ST/PC. As Arrow Flyer has said, typically a clean stall to the stalled condition plus one other (dealer's choice) to the incipient stall would be reasonable. This is different to a PPL Skill Test where all three stalls listed are required.

FEH Table 4A (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?catid=1&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=detail&id=5203) can be found on page 31.


25th Sep 2021, 07:43
Thanks. Interesting that there’s no reference to SRG1157.