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12th Sep 2021, 16:13

I am looking for A310 sims that are still in service, and wasn't able to find any. I know Lufthansa has one, but since getting a Schengen/European visa is harder than going to Mars, I would like to know if there are any other 310 sims, especially in the Middle East or Asia regions?

If that's not the relevant forum, any suggestion to which part of PPRuNe this would be more relevant is welcome.


9th Oct 2021, 09:27
Google search: airbus a310 simulator operators
Find: CIVIL SIMULATOR CENSUS 2021 - Flight Global
View PDF document in Adobe Acrobat (for example)
Search window keys: ctrl-F
Type in: a310
Find: 8 operators

9th Oct 2021, 11:54
There is an A300-600 FFS in Bangkok at TG if that is of use?

10th Oct 2021, 00:04
Had some fun recently in an A300 sim at https://aeroseum.se/, non-certified, so most possibly not what you're looking for ...

16th Oct 2021, 18:38
Amazing! Thanks for your responses all. I am actually looking for a sim for my old man, who's a retired A310 pilot. We're based in Jordan, but I think the JATS one is not functional at the moment, and more importantly it's only open for professional use. Where as Lufthansa's one, I think civilians can book if there's a free slots. The rest are a bit far/not easy to reach, given current situation. In any case, thanks for your responses.

16th Oct 2021, 18:42
DHL has a brand new one in Leipzig, Germany. Specially built for them by CAE.