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14th Aug 2021, 13:35
News coming through a bombardier has crashed in turkey

So far only foreign language sites reporting it, nothing yet in English


14th Aug 2021, 13:42
Russian RF-88450

14th Aug 2021, 13:46
The headline says 'un avion bombardier d'eau', could be wrong, early days yet

14th Aug 2021, 13:49
Russian military , reports russian defence.

14th Aug 2021, 13:52
Crew 6 Russian + 2 Turkish



14th Aug 2021, 14:26
Russian Navy operated Be200, built 2019, named Alexander Mamkin.

14th Aug 2021, 14:39
Any idea what the grey object is that can be seen at the end of the video above the crash site?

14th Aug 2021, 15:06
markers on power lines

unexplained blip
14th Aug 2021, 15:06
Fire suppression? What ops were they doing and why was the video taker interested? Looks like a water drop (not retardant) occurred at apprx. 0.29min, but where is the fire activity?
Best wishes but pessimism for the crew. Fire suppression is a dangerous theatre for crews, such an important role needs more tech help.

14th Aug 2021, 16:41
A “flash” of light on the hillside at the 33second mark - looks like live powerlines hitting the ground ?

14th Aug 2021, 16:50
Sadly, no survivors.

https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/810x621/6117f0a84e3fe10548df4657_8ccb3c38a26074981558e234b562078c05a 75b1c.jpg

No survivors of firefighting plane crash in southern Turkey - Turkey News (hurriyetdailynews.com) (https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/firefighting-plane-crashes-in-southern-turkey-167076)

14th Aug 2021, 18:34
Why would you need 8 crew.

14th Aug 2021, 19:52
May have been a training flight. 4 pilots 2 Russian, 2 Turks = 4 plus FLIR operator ( perhaps 2). = 6 plus perhaps a flight engineer = 7 plus a translator = 8. Just speculation on my part.
A tragic event in any case.

14th Aug 2021, 20:10
the Beriev Be200 usually operates with 2 pilots and 3 additional crew members while on a mission:
- Pilot
- Co-Pilot
- Navigator
- Flight Engineer
thus there were a full 5 Russian crew + three Turkish guys from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Aeronautical Association on board.

Teddy Robinson
15th Aug 2021, 05:46
From the video in this article, the aircraft impacted steeply rising terrain in the centre of a gully.


15th Aug 2021, 12:31
Sad news, those Russian pilots are really quite brave.

I was caught in the thick of it in the great fires in Greece during 2007 where the Be-200 was tasked to assist.

Unfortunately it flew too fast to load up in choppy seas and just couldn't drop water from low enough levels in mountainous terrain to be effective, it was sent back as the Canadair CLs proved to be extremely precise. On a positive note, the Be-200 did look like it could deliver a quite a punch 100s km inland on flat terrain in minutes over and over again, much faster than a lumbering CL straining itself at max weight.