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12th Jul 2021, 22:44
Iím going round in circles looking to see if this is possible:-
An integrated student who has completed the SEP training, the twin and passed the internal CPL phase is waiting until September to start the MEIR phase.

Based on the SEP hours already flown, they meet all the PPL requirements.

The reason is they want a licence to fly before November so is there a route to the PPL?

I might have screwed up too because I did an SEP class rating that might not have been allowed due to time and who issued the completion certificate.

13th Jul 2021, 09:36
We did this on a couple of occasions where I used to work until someone in the authority pointed outÖ

FCL.210 Training course

Applicants for a BPL, SPL or PPL shall complete a training course at an ATO. The course shall include theoretical knowledge and flight instruction appropriate to the privileges given.

After that, they stopped issuing them. Pedantic perhaps.

Our HT then included a section in the Training Manual which basically said (I canít recall the exact words) that a person completing all lessons up to point x in the ATPL(A) training shall be deemed to have completed the PPL(A) training course.

FOI happy but I donít think we used it afterwards.

13th Jul 2021, 09:42
There's this bit from part-FCL:
5.Applicants failing or being unable to complete the entire ATP(A) course may apply to the competent authority for the theoretical knowledge examination and skill test for a licence with lower privileges and an IR if the applicable requirements are met.
But as your candidate is not failing the course, I don't think you can go for a PPL. I'm pretty sure that an integrated course can only lead to the licence that the course was set up for. I cannot find the relevant bit in part-FCL right now though.

13th Jul 2021, 10:53
But as your candidate is not failing the course, I don't think you can go for a PPL.

The rule cannot be interpreted to mean that only those that have failed can apply for a PPL. I think it should be interpreted as meaning to include those who have failed. If they have completed all the PPL elements then, they may be tested and apply for a PPL. It would be discrimination to exclude all others.

13th Jul 2021, 18:40
A FI(Restricted) may teach on an Integrated Course those items that are at PPL level; therefore when the student has completed all items that are at PPL level and met the experience requirements for the issue of a PPL then all they need to do is to pass the Skill Test at PPL level. No doubt amongst our current bone headed regulators some idiot will come up with some half baked reason why it can't happen.

13th Jul 2021, 23:15
Thanks, I will see what I can do but getting hold of an aircraft might be an issue, failing that Iíll send her your way