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12th Jun 2021, 08:27
Sad news for all concerned. All ops. ceased and liquidator appointed. More here… https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/stobart-air-ceases-trading-aer-lingus-regional-flights-cancelled-1.4591913

Timmy Tomkins
12th Jun 2021, 09:44
What a shame, I doubt it wil be the last either; this pandemic has not finished dealing with travel yet.

Teddy Robinson
12th Jun 2021, 10:35
Sadly I have to agree.
This has been an unmitigated disaster for the industry from the smallest operators to manufacturers and all points in between.
It is likely of course that airlines will increase fares across the board at some point to balance the books, this is already evident on some routes, and after that ?

One has to wonder what sort of industry will arise from the ashes.

12th Jun 2021, 12:15
very sad for all concerned. The irish government has pursued a medical-led policy with severe restrictions including hotel quarantine and no proper support. They would do well to remember that Ireland is an island and once lost, many of these routes will not return for a long long time.
Many other countries have directly supported their national airlines but no support in Ireland. Maybe Aer Lingus being owned by AIG is a complicating factor but sad to see cityjet and now stobart go. Will there be others?

12th Jun 2021, 14:09
Stobart Air had become an airline with one single customer. Their collapse was unavoidable after Emerald Airlines won the Aer Lingus regional contract. Who was going to invest in an airline with no future. It was only a matter of time and a bit inconvenient for Aer Lingus and its passengers that it happened already now. Sad day for the workforce who now have to look for a new employer, but should have done so when they lost the contract. However in the Irish Times article different aviation interests is milking this for all its pandemic Open Now worth.

12th Jun 2021, 15:57
Sad as it is, their market niche was an attractive and much-needed one. There's significant traffic between Ireland and the UK. Ferries alone won't make the cut, given that the land stretch of the journey on its UK part might be a pretty long one, depending on which city you're travelling to/from. It's out of question that another airline will step in soon. I can only wish the former employees of Stobart strength and courage through those trying times and satisfying new airline jobs in the near future.

Cat Techie
12th Jun 2021, 21:01
Correct, marginal routes are no interest at the momnet.

Una Due Tfc
12th Jun 2021, 22:00
The 2 PSO routes are guaranteed money regardless of loads, they'd be a god send for any small operator currently.

Heartbroken for the staff. Flew them plenty of times over the years, from their Aer Arann days up til COVID. Tony Holohan needs to be hauled over the coals as to why Ireland is the only country in the EU not accepting antigen tests at airports. :mad:

13th Jun 2021, 05:47
According to BBC website:

'Esken is to retain ownership of Carlisle Lake District Airport, which it also owns, but has said it will "actively explore strategic options for the use of this asset".

The business said it would hold discussions with stakeholders "including potential alternative commercial opportunities for the airport".'

Esken are the owners of Stobart Air.

13th Jun 2021, 08:54
Real shame, spent a great few years with Aer Arann in my Turbo Prop years and loved every minute of it, really feel for all the guys and girls there, governments and unions are totally complicit in doing nothing while watching airlines die a slow death on both sides of the Irish Sea it seems.

13th Jun 2021, 19:15
Governments yes, but unions? What on earth do you suggest they could have done to save this airline? (I think they are an easy target for those who do not understand the function of unions)

13th Jun 2021, 19:20
Details about the £2 take over of Stobart Air, prior to the liquidator news.


14th Jun 2021, 11:09
Stobart Air, which operates Aer Lingus regional services, was today sold to an Isle of Man based start-up led by a 26-year-old self-styled entrepreneur for an initial outlay of just £2.
the sale fell through, as he failed to secure the requisite funding...

14th Jun 2021, 16:37
For a moment there I expected to see Martin Halstead's name again.

15th Jun 2021, 00:33
Awful shame,did some work with them recently a really decent bunch!

15th Jun 2021, 12:41
Looks like the Carlisle Airport sale has fallen through too.


Timmy Tomkins
17th Jun 2021, 09:18
Heard on the BBC radio this AM that BA are to launch services on some of these routes.