View Full Version : Report of a Bomb on Air France Chad to Paris

3rd Jun 2021, 17:33
Reports of a possible explosive on Air France.

France probing possible explosive device on Air France flight from Chad By REUTERS
JUNE 3, 2021 18:44

French authorities are investigating a suspected explosive device on an Air France flight between Chad capital N'Djamena and Paris, Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said on Thursday. In a tweet, Darmanin said the flight had landed at Roissy airport in Paris without incident and had been isolated.


3rd Jun 2021, 20:25
Nothing found...

3rd Jun 2021, 20:29
It would have been very tough to say that something has been found...

8th Jun 2021, 17:05
Fact that have been released by an union source: aircraft was advised by Algerian ATC (or someone claiming to be, on ATC frequency) of a bomb threat, and ordered to land at Bejaļa, Algeria, with threat of intercept. The crew saved time until the FIR boundary with France, while contacting AF operations. Operations declared the threat as "non credible ". Flight was then continued to destination with a French air force escort.

Must have been an Algerian political opponent on board...

8th Jun 2021, 21:23
Or a Walt with a radio.