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Rivet gun
31st May 2021, 22:40
Who can train new UPRT instructors?

FCL 915(e) states:
(3) Instructors holding the privileges specified in point (e)(1) may act as instructors for a course as specified in point (e)(1)(ii), provided that they:
(i) have 25 hours of flight instruction experience during training according to FCL.745.A;
(ii) have completed an assessment of competence for this privilege; and
(iii) comply with the recency requirements in point (e)(2).

I believe that when FCL.745.A training was introduced some instructors were authorized by the CAA to train UPRT instructors despite not having passed an assessment of competence as described in (ii) above. Such authorizations are permitted by FCL,900:

(b) Special conditions:
(1) The competent authority may issue a specific certificate granting privileges for flight instruction when compliance with the requirements established in this Subpart is not possible in the case of the introduction of:
(i) new aircraft in the Member States or in an operator's fleet; or
(ii) new training courses in this Annex (Part-FCL).
Such a certificate shall be limited to the training flights necessary for the introduction of the new type of aircraft or the new training course and its validity shall not, in any case, exceed 1 year.;

However we are now more than 1 year on from the introduction of FCL745.A training. Have all UPRT instructor trainers now been required to complete an assessment of competence for the privilege or are there still people who can train UPRT instructors without having completed an assessment of competence? Who can conduct these assessments of competence? Can it be any FIE or only certain FIEs who have been standardized by the CAA?

Will anybody now wanting to qualify as UPRT instructor trainer have to complete an assessment of competence or will the CAA still authorize people to train UPRT instructors without completing an assessment of competence?

1st Jun 2021, 09:26
One organisation offering training: https://www.ontrackaviation.com/uprt-instructor-aeroplane.html

1st Jun 2021, 15:17
Can it be any FIE or only certain FIEs who have been standardized by the CAA?

In order to conduct AoCs i.a.w. FCL.915(e)(3)(ii) a FIE must have completed an AoC themselves, successful completion of which is endorsed in their logbook. At least a few Senior Examiners have been authorised to conduct assessment of FIEs for addition of these privileges. CAA retain the claim to first dibs on conducting the assessment.


Rivet gun
1st Jun 2021, 21:06
Standards document 31 (V156) lists 8 ATOs approved for both Advanced UPRT and UPRT instructor training. What I don't know is if all UPRT instructor trainers have passed an AoC for the privilege, given that some were given the privilege without an AoC originally. If not will they have to pass an AoC at some stage?

Advanced UPRT is intended to be a prerequisite to a type rating on transport aircraft or high performance complex aircraft types. Yet a UPRT instructor can hold a PPL and have no experience of aircraft types beyond SEP. Without a chain of standardization from the CAA downwards, I feel there is a danger of inappropriate instruction going uncorrected.

To quote GMC1 FCL.745.A
Note: Instructors should be aware that the safety and potential human factor implications of poor upset recovery instructional technique or misleading information are more significant than in any other areas of pilot training.