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21st Aug 2002, 03:07
Any good web sites for 747 tech and engine info, will be of great help.

21st Aug 2002, 03:27
Try Boeing, P&W, RR GE web sites

21st Aug 2002, 11:44

Possibly you might find the Aerowinx Forum to be of interest. It is a support forum for a procedure training software specifically for the Boeing 747-400.


Several maintenance people and also some current or former pilots frequently visit this forum. You should try the search function when researching for anything specific. Many highly specific technical and system details have been discussed already.

You may consider asking questions yourself.
Little in the way of technical specifications for the type to be found there, though.


22nd Aug 2002, 16:14
Sigmet is correct. You will get very in depth discussions about the technical aspects of the 747-400 on the aerowinx (if it's still like it was a few years ago when I monitored it for a bit).

Precision Simulator is by all accounts a very accurate and complete simulator. The outside world is very skimpy but the controls and systems of the 747 are far superior to what you can get from other software which usually based on MS FS and is constrained by it. The complex interactions between all the systems are all there and you can program endless emergency situations. The FMC is similarly more-or-less the same as the real thing - even varying between airlines and engine types.

If you are at all interested in the 747-400 I would recommend you consider purchasing this product.

22nd Aug 2002, 17:58
thks a ton all ! great info...:)

8th Sep 2002, 05:23
in addition to aerowinx,try these websites also

ovrhd panel info on quite a few planes

site by a QUANTAS guy

bi bi

9th Sep 2002, 12:44
KK where in India do you fly now? i see you with a 328 rating.

Is Vayudoot still flying them??