View Full Version : Fight between CC and Cpt in flight

10th Mar 2021, 11:15
I cannot believe I have just read on AVHERALD.COM that a Cpt and a Flight Attendant had a punch up in the cabin during the flight, this resulted in a broken arm to one and a loss of a tooth to the other. Apparently this happened on or about 6th March 2021 (Donghai Airlines, Flight DZ-6297 from Nantong to Xian). I guess CRM training was somewhat lacking?

Any professionals out there care to comment?

10th Mar 2021, 11:51
What is there to say really?

This would be as bad if it had happened between two members of staff in Starbucks, the local tax office, or indeed anywhere else. I doubt CRM training had anything to do with it unless this is a particularly endemic problem in Donghai Airlines? More likely a complete loss of self control, rationale and maturity on the part of one or more people. A rare event but I’m sure the appropriate remedies will be applied.

Max Angle
10th Mar 2021, 12:50
Just make sure my coffee is hot next time!!

10th Mar 2021, 12:52
Maybe the Captain found out that the CC had eaten the camembert from the cheeseboard and was trying to reassert their alpha dog status.

10th Mar 2021, 12:55
Are we not allowed to beat the crew anymore?

10th Mar 2021, 13:44
Yes ...but only if no-one is watching

10th Mar 2021, 13:48
I hope the correct cross cockpit gradient was maintained...i.e. the captain won. :}

10th Mar 2021, 13:53
With "Donghai" Airlines involved I had to check today's date wasn't April 1st!

10th Mar 2021, 14:01
That's not unheard of in the part of the world concerned. The division into superiors and subordinates over there takes the sort of scale which would be unimaginable in the Western world. Hence, the superior reserves the right to punch his subordinate every now and again.

10th Mar 2021, 14:39
Happened in a ME carrier a few years back , Capt shagging the pursers wife /GF (cc) or other way around .

what next
10th Mar 2021, 16:25
I hope the correct cross cockpit gradient was maintained...i.e. the captain won. :}

Hard to tell, the cabin attendant broke an arm and the captain lost a tooth. I would call that a draw. And the tooth is more expensive to fix, so the cabin guy might have a slight advantage.

10th Mar 2021, 16:33
During the fight, were the passengers cheering, and if so who were they supporting ? Did they maybe give tips as well to the people in the fight ? Knee him in the ground ! Kick his shins ! Etc....