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TopSwiss 737
5th Mar 2021, 09:50
Meanwhile at Paris CDG...

Giving an Air France 777 a fresh coat of green paint.



Less Hair
5th Mar 2021, 09:52
No police or gendarmerie?
I hate to have to watch this.

5th Mar 2021, 10:18
they deserve to be jailed for a while...

5th Mar 2021, 10:45
Not that I condone it in any way or form, but at least it was one of their older 200 series (delivered 2004) which has been stored since March 2020. So, it's not as if they delayed anyone.

5th Mar 2021, 12:59
Is that the best Greenpeace FR can do? It's just crude vandalism. (I'm sure it was fun though.) Greenpeace elsewhere have done far better marketing stunts.

ATC Watcher
5th Mar 2021, 14:46
Unless the color is just washable with simple water , I would send to Greenpeace France the bill to clean it up and repaint it.
But since there is a breach of security and that CDG is protected by the Gendarmerie, I am pretty sure they will be eager to look for and find who organized this and who was on the video . they will not only be charged with vandalism but with security breach , a far more serious offence for the Gendarmerie .

5th Mar 2021, 14:58
How is it, that as a pilot taking a cup of yoghurt through CDG security, I get jumped on by about 5 members of airport security, while these guys got buckets of paint airside? To me this is bordering on terrorism and should be treated as such.

5th Mar 2021, 15:00
I look forward to seeing the Greenpeace leaders denouncing this action. Mind you, I'm also waiting for Santa riding a flying pig.

5th Mar 2021, 15:08
Fairly typical of Greenpeace, grabbing publicity while failing to do anything useful for their own cause.

5th Mar 2021, 15:28
The vandalism done to the aircraft isn't really the biggest issue here. How did those chaps get through security? Thinking what a massive gap in airside security this reveals, we should be relieved that it was just a bit of paint in their hands. The authorities shall definitely arrange a thorough check, with a hefty fine for the security subcontractor in order.

5th Mar 2021, 15:49
So what did this do for the environment ? Greenpeace are becoming more and more a terrorist organisation i think.
They struggle with the fact most countries have climate on the agenda now, so what they do drop rocks in the sea to try and sink a fishing boat and now this.
Imagine a plane crash where the outcome is green paint in the pitot and static valves.

5th Mar 2021, 16:58
PilotLZ, I would argue that getting airside at any airport is possible. What is important is the reaction time by security. Since this took place in a fairly quiet area of the airport, where only stored aircraft are parked, it may have taken a few minutes for security to notice and react. It would be interesting to know what the response time actually was.

5th Mar 2021, 17:38

Sadly it is very easy to get into alot of places you just need one person with a badge , they will only randomly check what is inside the vehicle

Rwy in Sight
5th Mar 2021, 17:56

They moved the paint in 100cc containers.

If AF management were serious they would publish a report on the environmental costs of repairing the aircraft disposal of colour, chemical cleaning of the fuselage, cost of spare parts and in terms of CO2 emissions to reach the AF technical base. etc.

5th Mar 2021, 18:58
The Rainbow Warrior event didn’t teach them to leave France alone. Time for a new lesson.

5th Mar 2021, 19:09
It's ironic that the next flight planned for the aircraft in question was probably going to be its last - AF is in the process of sending its B772s to Tarbes, where the scrapman awaits.

5th Mar 2021, 21:14
To KingAir1978
Thank you for hitting the nail squarely on the head: this could just as easily have been a terrorist planting a bomb, and should be treated as terrorism. These people attract sympathy from misguided individuals because they're "saving the planet" (allegedly). Make Greenpeace foot the repainting bill and lock up the perpetrators for a very long time.

6th Mar 2021, 13:35
Is that lead based paint they used?

Pilot DAR
7th Mar 2021, 23:11
How did those chaps get through security? Thinking what a massive gap in airside security this reveals,

Though speculation on my part, the area where I suspect this happened is beside a railway, which I suspect is not completely obstructed to public access (well, was not...). Up the hill, and over the fence, and you're on the rather remote apron. As a passenger, years back, my departing AF flight went mechanical at the gate, so we were moved to a serviceable 777, which was parked on that remote apron. We were walked down onto the ramp at the north end of concourse M, and bused to that apron to board. I can imagine, particularly with a much less busy airport, that part of the airport not being as carefully watched - not that it's an excuse. That's an aviation offense. And, as said, if they used petroleum based paint, an environmental offense too!