View Full Version : Maldives, Seaplane has crashed near Hulhulé

Jerry Springer
14th Feb 2021, 04:33
Hulhulé, Maldives – A Manta Air seaplane carrying tourists has crashed into the sea while attempting to land at Velana International Airport.There were 6 passengers and 3 crew members on board the plane at the crime of the crash. 2 were injured, gained injuries to the shoulder, and are now being treated at the Hulhumalé Hospital. No fatalities were reported. Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) reports that the Malé coast guard and divers are active on the scene.

https://timesofaddu.com/2021/02/14/breaking-manta-air-seaplane-has-crashed/?fbclid=IwAR0utMANY7aoTFSckKjC_qH56Hlod8v7mkEBzw0P2blxrJ3e6r Ou4ip3fgc

14th Feb 2021, 06:46
Twin Otter, presumably.

14th Feb 2021, 07:57
Yup, Twin Otter.


India Four Two
15th Feb 2021, 03:18
If the reports are true, I'm amazed that all nine people were able to get out of an inverted Twin Otter.

15th Feb 2021, 11:58
You would be amazed at what you could do if your life depended on it...

ATC Watcher
15th Feb 2021, 12:47
And the water is quite warm in the Maldives ..and we do not know the age/the physicals condition of the Pax which plays a big role too .

15th Feb 2021, 13:53
...nor do we know the speed at which the plane inverted. Evidently it stayed close to the surface so absent major trauma this was as survivable as an upside down fuselage can be.

what next
15th Feb 2021, 15:05

It probably also helped that the Maldives mainly attract divers and water sports enthusiasts in general.

Pilot DAR
15th Feb 2021, 16:49
The water aerodrome where they crashed is small and well sheltered, with rescue resources very close by. There are generally several Twin Otters coming and going there, so I would expect that even if a rescue boat weren't close by, another airplane would be on scene in a very short time to offer assistance. If you have to have an unpleasant seaplane event, that'd be one of the better places.

15th Feb 2021, 19:31
There are around 60+ Twin Otter seaplanes based at Male airport mainly operated by Trans Maldivian but a few more with the relatively new Manta Air. Up to 400 movements a day can occur during daylight hours only. I've been fortunate to have flown on them several times without any issue. It'll be interesting to see the accident report as the water drome next to the main airport is very sheltered, unlike some of the island resorts they fly to/from where sea conditions can be a bit more challenging...