View Full Version : Spirited sliding in Baltimore..

17th Dec 2020, 19:55
Apparently a twy excursion with only the NLG over the edge.

17th Dec 2020, 21:36
Wheel tracks look like left gear off piste as well.

18th Dec 2020, 17:09
Wonder how much Spirit charged the pax for the bus ride to the terminal.....

18th Dec 2020, 18:01
I remember going down that little hill on the taxiway to the FBO at KBWI. It was the dead of winter with fresh snow covering the ice about thirty years ago. Suddenly brakes and nosewheel steering were ineffective. Good for that old GII the reversers worked like a charm to steer and stop. But, it was close. 😉

18th Dec 2020, 18:45
Most folks in the USA don't believe in winter tires. This is what happens. :uhoh: