View Full Version : China asks cabin crew to wear nappies to reduce virus risk

11th Dec 2020, 08:20
Pilots to pee into a bottle? It comes on top of the advice for cabin crew to wear medical masks, disposable gloves, caps, goggles, disposable protective clothing and shoe coverings.

Flight crew are also advised to wear a range of protective gear, but not nappies. The advice comes from the Chinese aviation regulator when flying to more infected areas


11th Dec 2020, 08:28
Makes a change from the passengers being pampered. :O

11th Dec 2020, 08:31
"Asked" - for now . Soon, no doubt, it will be mandatory . Many contributors over on 'Jetblast' would be lining up to pop on the panties in a show of proud solidarity .Woe betide anyone who questions, least of all objects.

11th Dec 2020, 09:51
Maybe incontinence will be seen as an advantage for future recruitment? This way, the risk of violation of those rules will be minimised!

Jokes aside, I simply cannot believe my eyes and ears that almost one year into the pandemic there are still such exotic suggestions. It's already been proven that the only piece of PPE which offers any real protection is a good-quality face mask. No more, no less. Gloves, gowns and everything else belong in the biohazard response kit on board, not on the crew members' self.

11th Dec 2020, 10:59
It's already been proven that the only piece of PPE which offers any real protection is a good-quality face mask.

With the proviso that a basic face mask mostly protects those around you from whatever you may be shedding. Not so much vice versa.

11th Dec 2020, 11:54
The Glamour of aviation is truly on hold .

11th Dec 2020, 12:10

I wonder what their company’s/CAAC guidance is on cabin fires then. Should they remove all this plastic PPE before committing to fire-fighting? Or keep it on to save time and allow it to melt to their skin/uniform?

Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP
11th Dec 2020, 13:17
Nice. Out there serving punters with a full load in your nappy.

What drugs are these people on?

Fire and brimstone
11th Dec 2020, 13:33

Just a request from China, then, not an instruction?

Do they have a robust system of checking compliance??

Fire and brimstone
11th Dec 2020, 13:34
Makes a change from the passengers being pampered. :O

Can you take this important issue seriously please??

11th Dec 2020, 20:10
You just have to wonder where some of this nonsense come from........!

12th Dec 2020, 05:58
So the idiots expect crew to leave Urine and Feces in their pants for hours on end.......just think of all the skin irritation that will cause not to mention the smell......will be fantastic having 15 crew walking through the terminal after arrival.......
How ..... stupid.

12th Dec 2020, 13:24
Would it perhaps be easier for China to just forbid entry to people travelling from countries with more than a specific case rate ? Saves face, and nobody gets offended

12th Dec 2020, 13:27
Or just lock offf one toilet for crew use only...

12th Dec 2020, 15:37
Fire and brimstone

Lighten up ... you sound like someone it might be inadvisable to get stuck in a lift with. Unless, of course, you were being ironic ?

It was a witty response to a ludicrous directive / piece of advice. (Delete as appropriate).

12th Dec 2020, 16:14
Perhaps he needs a huggie? (You can see what I did there, others brands of nappy/diaper/pad are available)

12th Dec 2020, 18:29
They who came up with this sugestion must have forgotten who cleans the toilets during flight. No cleaning can't possibly reduce the virus riske, so cabin crew have to clean them but can't use them. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Pugilistic Animus
12th Dec 2020, 23:22
I actually had to check to see if I was in Jet Blast, this is unsurpassed muppetry of the nth degree.
Management should hang their heads in shame!

13th Dec 2020, 07:48
I'm still very much confused. Did I end up in the fetish section of an adult entertainment website or is the PPrune?

13th Dec 2020, 08:08
It would be interesting to hear how the wise men behind this decision would justify it. At least on my aircraft type, there is continuous air extraction from the lavatory to prevent odours. It's probably similar on other aircraft as well. This means that infectious aerosols don't get to stay in the lavatory any longer than they would elsewhere in the cabin. In conjunction with masks, hand washing and the required regular disinfection of door handles, just how would a visit to the lavatory be more dangerous than staying elsewhere in the cabin?

A thought: in the past, many infectious diseases spread precisely because of untreated human waste. Now, as we have the technology and have been using it routinely for decades, we are suddenly told "don't go to the toilet so as you don't get infected". Our ancestors would turn in their graves if they heard that.

13th Dec 2020, 09:21
Planemike & others ; be careful. "wondering" about nonsense will have you described by some, on Jetblast as having a lower level of intelligent reasoning ability. That lot, after being the first to "roll up" their sleeves would then rush to don these panties - so long as everyone can see them doing so, gaining smiles of approval from the like-minded. Absolutely daft times .

Jet Jockey A4
13th Dec 2020, 14:02
Totally ridiculous!

How about keeping a few toilets under lock for crew use only?

13th Dec 2020, 15:45
A fairly drastic uniform redesign will be needed for these poor cabin staff, to allow for their new bulky posteriors.

And as for the pilots not "needing" nappies, I find this surprising logic. To the best of my knowledge, pilots' biological needs are identical to those of the staff on the other side of the door.

Seriously, is this a joke? I wonder if the folks who propagated this were tjust esting our gullibility.

Pugilistic Animus
13th Dec 2020, 17:41
With the proviso that a basic face mask mostly protects those around you from whatever you may be shedding. Not so much vice versa.

Gotta get an N95 mask...they do offer protection to the user...I use an N95 myself $7

I have a new respect for surgeons now.I would hate to have a mask on for 8 or more hours straight