View Full Version : Iberworld one engine landing at NCL??

17th Aug 2002, 22:09
Anyone got anymore info?
some one from passenger services at the airport used our phone at work today about 1800Local to tell them of an inbound Airbus with one engine. Fire trucks attended and pax got off safely as far as i saw.
Turned out to be an Iberworld A310 from Palma (IWD3235).
Replacement aircraft is being flown in from madrid tonight apparantly, not sure what type.
Just ponderin if anyone has any other info as Iberworld aren't exactly the most punctual airline at newcastle or a/c reliable as mine was delayed and had an aircraft replacement due to tech on the same flight on the 29th June this year.


P.S. i aint slagging off Iberworld, the groundhandlers at NCL and cabin crew etc. were brilliant with having to deal with a load of moaning passengers!!!

Kalium Chloride
17th Aug 2002, 22:34
Hope that isn't a derogatory slag-off use of the word "moaning" if you're referring to the passengers on the aircraft. I dare say a few of them were pretty shaken if the engine conked out.

18th Aug 2002, 12:20
The Iberworld 310 developed an oil leak causing an inflight shutdown. The aircraft has departed NCL. Also last night an Excel 767 had a bird strike which damaged the radome. Again last night a 320 suffered a bird strike (hittiing the windshield) with no damage.

18th Aug 2002, 19:22
I didn't notice any problems at NCL today. I was SLF from there to LHR. But, then, that was a BA A320...probably somewhat different huh? :D